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I was born in a log cabin I built myself. I'm passionate about photography and baking, and I love to travel.


Growing up I was exposed to a lot of theatre, but I never studied it before university. I was fascinated by the sets, lighting, sound costumes and everything that went into a production. Unfortunately, my access to learning about those in high school was very limited. I compensated by filling my schedule with as much art as I could. By my senior year I was balancing two art classes and an art independent study with AP physics and calculus courses.


I like to explore art that feels as though it came from an organic space but then has a heavy twist to it; taking regular, everyday objects and giving them a industrial feel. My passion is photography but I have always been facinated by the artistic prosses. You can see the mid-centurey modernist movement in some of my furniture peices, where in my sculpture there is a stark Brechtian feel.


I am a sophmore studing at Carnegie Mellon University out in Pittsburgh. I'm curenty based out of NYC.


 and have just finished a summer internship at the Public Theater working with Jack O'Brien, Dan Sullivan, John Lee Beaty, Jane Greenwood, and Head of Design at NYU Susan Hilferty. 

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